Our clinic does contract with most insurance companies, however we do not have an in-house insurance checker to determine patient coverage. Because of this, we ask that before patients schedule they contact their insurance company to determine their coverage. Here are some tips and tricks for determining if your visits will be covered under your insurance plan.

  1. Speak directly with a representative. Information on insurance company websites can use language that makes it seem like your visits will be covered even if they won’t be.
  2. Ask if naturopathic care is covered under your plan.
  3. Ask if the specific doctor you would like to see is covered with your plan. Not all doctors at our clinic are in network with all the plans at each insurance company, although our clinic name may appear on insurance websites as in network.
  4. Ask if an authorization is required to be covered with the specific doctor you would like to see and by whom the authorization needs to be completed.

After you have determined coverage, we will submit your visits to insurance through our insurance biller. However, patients are responsible for paying their copays, any non-covered portions, and any deductibles. In addition, if a health insurance company determines that a particular service is not reasonable and necessary, or that a particular service is not covered under a specific plan, the insurance company may deny payment for that service.

We ask that patients sign our insurance agreement on their patient portal before their first visit.