Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapists use gentle hands-on techniques to help release internal tensions within the body and seek to act as facilitators, helping clients get in touch with their body’s own Inner Wisdom, that part within each of us that knows everything about our health. We pay particular attention to the dura mater, the membrane which surrounds the brain and spinal cord. All nerves and blood vessels going to the brain and cord must pass through this membrane, and releasing tensions within the dura can have a profound effect upon the way that the body functions.

The Bellingham Craniosacral Therapy Center, located here at the Natural Health Clinic, includes two Craniosacral Therapists, providing a variety of related techniques. Please see our website for more information.

Tim Hutton, PhD, CST-D

The focus of my practice as a massage therapist is exclusively Craniosacral Therapy and the related modalities of Visceral Manipulation and Lymph Drainage.

Most of my clients see me because they are experiencing some sort of chronic pain or dysfunction, but I also see clients for well-care. In addition to my private practice, I also travel extensively teaching Craniosacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release for the Upledger Institute.

My other primary interests at the moment are Tai Chi and golf, both of which I am very much in the process of learning.

Dave Campbell, LMT

My practice is informed by a combination of craniosacral therapy, organ- and nerve-specific fascial mobilization, and gentle myofascial therapies. I enjoy working with all ages from newborn to elder. I have been an instructor of kinesiology and cadaver anatomy since 2001, and have written and illustrated a Kinesiology textbook that has recently come out in it’s second edition.

In my personal time, I like to write, draw, go for hikes to enjoy the beautiful northwest scenery, and learn something new every day.

Please note: I have reduced the size of my practice and am not scheduling new clients at this time.