Naturopathic Primary Care

Naturopathic Physicians are family physicians offering routine and special exams, lab work, diagnosis, and treatment of acute and chronic conditions.

We specialize in the use of diet, nutritional and herbal supplements, and lifestyle counseling to help our patients achieve optimal health.

Emily Sharpe, ND

Discovering Your Health


My work is to search for and discover the causes of your ‘dis-ease,’ and then teach you how to care for those causes.

I have a general family practice, with specialties of weight loss, fatigue, thyroid, gastrointestinal, allergies, hormonal and menopausal issues.

My passion for these specialties is rooted in my personal journey through disease and health. I love helping you feel your very best.

When I am not helping you, I am exercising, reading, visiting with family & friends, cooking with my husband, and enjoying life through the eyes of my children. On an especially wonderful day we are camping, hiking, and boating the beautiful Northwest.

Marianna Wright, ND


Dr. Marianna Wright is a licensed Naturopathic Physician with special interests in treating thyroid imbalances, autoimmune conditions, and pediatrics. During her internships, she trained with experts in mental health, women’s health and endocrinology. In addition to providing long-term support for chronic conditions, she is also available for general wellness checks, PAPs and treating acute conditions, such as: UTIs, cold/flu, infections, rashes, injuries, etc. Dr. Wright enjoys making use of the many different naturopathic modalities for healing, including: nutrition, botanical medicine, lifestyle, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, and counselling. She has completed extensive training in acupuncture and looks forward to being able to offer acupuncture to her patients once she has obtained her East Asian Practitioner license. Read more about Dr. Wright on her website!

Emily Worden, ND

My practice is based on the on the principle that health is a personal journey that we explore and continue on throughout our lifetime. I approach health through a naturopathic lens providing individual care that integrates naturopathic and conventional medicine to give you the best care. I work with patients to optimize and build on foundational lifestyle factors while encouraging them to become their own best health advocate. I utilize a variety of naturopathic therapies including nutrition, lifestyle modification, herbal medicine, nutraceuticals, and mind/body medicine to create an individualized treatment plan. When necessary, I build an integrative team for my patients to further address any health needs. In addition to primary care, I have a clinical interest in pediatrics, women’s health, and mind/body medicine.

In my spare time I enjoy being in the outdoors hiking, camping, snowboarding, and running with my husband and three children.

Professional Memberships:
American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP)
Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians (WANP)
Naturopathic Association of Primary Care Physicians (NAPCP)
Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians (PedANP)
Integrative Care Outreach – Board Member

Vika Brewster, ND

My priority as a Naturopathic doctor is to help you reintegrate to wholeness. This means that my relationship to my patients is as important to me as staying up to date on diagnoses, testing and treatments. Through creating a safe space, we can get to the core of the misalignment that is going on in the body and create a plan on how to best support your Self’s return to health. Every body has an innate ability to heal, so identifying road blocks in the mind, emotions, body and spirit is individually vital to returning to wholeness.

I completed my education at Bastyr and residency in Alaska. I am a general practitioner with specialties in neurology, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and mental health. My relationship with plants is my favorite thing to incorporate with willing individuals along with individualized exercises, nutrition, and counseling.

Outside of helping my community, I enjoy time in nature, creating art, and reading. I like to focus on balancing time with my partner, his daughter, my friends, and time with myself. My favorite nights are game nights, but I love anything where I can be a little competitive!